Miracles of Vitamin D

The Miracle of Vitamin D

Phosphorus, calcium and our hormones all have something in common. They need fat-soluble vitamin D. Fat-soluble vitamin D is considered a hormone rather than a vitamin.

Strange as it may sound, our bodies have developed a biological need for hormones. Fat-soluble vitamin D is essential to balance the ratio of calcium and phosphorous in our blood. Professor and physician Edward Mellanby of England is the famous researcher who discovered vitamin D. He and his wife May Mellanby did extensive research on tooth decay which included decades of feeding experiments on animals and humans. He wrote:

“By far the most important factor producing well calcified bones and teeth is vitamin D”

We need fat-soluble vitamins A and D for our cells to produce osteocalcin—the protein responsible for deposition of calcium and phosphorous into our bones. Dr. Price found that modern people suffered from tooth decay because modern diets are severely lacking in fat-soluble vitamins.

To cure cavities many people simply need to add these vitamins back into their diets.

Food Vitamin D Amount in IU
Blue Ice™ fermented cod liver oil1 teaspoon 3,500-10,000
X-Factor Gold™ high vitamin butter oil1 teaspoon 1,000-3,000
Pig or Cow Blood1 cup 4,000
Marlin3.5 ounces 1,400
Chum Salmon (Dog, Keta, or Calico)3.5 ounces 1,300
Herring3.5 ounces 1,100
Sockeye Salmon3.5 ounces 763
Duck Egg1 egg 720
Oysters3.5 ounces of oyster meat 642
Halibut3.5 ounces 600
Grunt and Rainbow Trout3.5 ounces 600
Sardine3.5 ounces 480
Mackerel3.5 ounces 345-440
Pork Lard1 tablespoon 140-400
Salmon3.5 ounces 360
Canned Sardines3.5 ounces 270
Caviar (fish eggs)3.5 ounces 232
Shrimp3.5 ounces 172
Chicken Egg2 eggs 120
Butter3.5 ounces 56
Pork Liver3.5 ounces 50
Milk4 cups 40
Beef Liver3.5 ounces 30

A review of this vitamin D chart shows a few important points.

Seafood is an excellent source of vitamin D. For those who do not have good access to seafood, lard seems to be the densest source of vitamin D. However in feeding trials, bacon fat did not produce the same anti-cavity effect as did suet (beef fat from bovine adipose deposits).

Fermented cod liver oil is the most potent source of full spectrum fat-soluble vitamin D.

For vegetarians, consuming moderate amounts of butter and chicken eggs will be unlikely to provide adequate fat-soluble vitamin D. However adding Green Pasture’s™ butter oil, and free ranging duck eggs would more than likely ensure for plenty of vitamin D.

Miracles of Vitamin D